Best Nespresso Capsules 2020

Nespresso offers 19 exclusive and distinct flavors to meet the needs of coffee lovers. The Nespresso capsules are specifically meant to fit into Nestle Nespresso machines and deliver rich pressure-brewed coffee in a few minutes.

Hence, the capsules eliminate the long and confusing steps of brewing a perfect cup of espresso.

The broad choice offers you a chance to find 2 or more flavors that you can enjoy at any time of the day or share with friends and family.

Different Types of Nespresso Capsule

Nespresso capsules are categorized based on their aromatic profile, intensity level and capsule serving size.

Espresso Capsules: These blends come from different origins and vary broadly in intensity. There are 7 espresso capsules including Ristretto, Capriccio, Roma, Arpeggio, Volluto, Cosi and Livanto.

Pure Origine Capsules: These flavors come from selected regions around the world. There are 3 Pure Origine Capsules including Dulsao Do Brasil, Rosabaya, and Indriya.

Lungo Capsules: These capsules are meant to make a tall, fresh cup of espresso. They include Fortissio, Vivalto, and Linizio.

Decaffeinato Capsules: These capsules are produced without caffeine and meant for coffee lovers who don’t love caffeine. They include Decaffeinato Lungo and Decaffeinato Intenso.

What Are The Best Nespresso Capsule Flavors?

The Nespresso capsule flavors are meant to suit the individual needs of coffee lovers. Thus, the best flavor varies from one coffee fan to the other.

It’s good to identify a flavor that you like or one that you can serve your friends or family.

How To Choose the Best Nespresso Capsule Flavor

To determine the right flavor, start by differentiating characteristics of each blend. Then sample several flavors to determine the most suitable choice.

The flavor intensity varies from subtle to bold roast, with variations between them.  When determining your desired flavor, you also have to consider the caffeine level of the brand.

The decaffeinated Nespresso is meant for those who don’t love caffeine in their coffee. It’s good to choose several flavors that deliver your desired tastes.

Our Recommend Best Nespresso Capsule Reviews

7 Best Nespresso Espresso Capsules

Seven flavors make up the Nespresso Espresso Capsules including Capriccio, Roma, and Ristretto. The blends come from different origins and differ broadly in intensity.

For instance, Cosi is unique due to its lemony and light flavor. Cosi is the most subtle flavor and rated at level 3 out of a 10-point scale. Ristretto is the boldest flavor and is distinguished by the rich, near-chocolate flavor.

To determine a favorite espresso capsule, it’s good to test 2 or 3 flavors and choose the best. You will realize that espresso capsules come in 25ml and 40ml packages.

1. Ristretto Nespresso Capsules

Ristretto is robust in flavor and body. It combines the best of East African and South America Arabicas with notes of acid and subtle fruit.

This coffee originates from South American Arabicas including Brazil and Colombia and East African Arabicas. The East African Arabicas are meant to bring in their citrus and Robusta flavors.

The beans are separately roasted to achieve full-bodied flavor bringing together intensely roasted, fruity, and acid notes.

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Ristretto overview

Intensity Rating: 10

Aromatic profile: Intensely roasted notes with chocolate flavors. Subtle acid and fruity notes create a contrasting bouquet.

Cup size: 25 ml and 40 ml

2. Arpeggio Nespresso Capsules

Arpeggio is a dark roast of authentic South and Central American Arabicas, bring out an intense body and robust character, with cocoa notes.

It originates from selected South and Central American Arabicas, with malted or fruity profiles peculiarity of Costa Rican Coffees.  The coffee is roasted strongly to bring out the unique character of each origin.

The beans undergo fine grinding to create the full body. Arpeggio is suitable for most OriginalLine system machines such as Inissia, Maestria, Lattissima, Pixie and Citiz, but not compatible with the VertuoLine system.

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Arpeggio overview

Intensity Rating: 9

Aromatic profile: strong grilled notes with woody hints and cocoa notes

Cup size: 25 ml and 40 ml

3. Roma Nespresso Capsules

Roma is subtle balance between depth, finesse and strength, distinguished by its roasted and woody notes. The blend of Robusta and Central and South American Arabicas undergo light roasting to retain the delicate, desired aroma.

Roma coffee originates from Central, and South American Arabicas blended with Robusta to achieve woody and lightly roasted notes.

This blend is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy a short but mild espresso.

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Roma overview

Intensity Rating: 8

Aromatic profile: Light roasting brings out woody and roasted notes of each coffee in the blend.

Cup size: 25 mL and 40 mL

4. Nespresso Livanto Capsules

Livanto is a blend of authentic South and Central American Arabica. Roasted caramelized notes distinguish this well-balanced and rounded espresso.

Livanto originates from pure South and Central American Arabicas, which is carefully grown and harvested to preserve its malted and fruity profiles.

Livanto is medium roasted to preserve authentic flavor and is distinguished by roasted caramelized notes. It comes in 5 sleeves of 10 capsules making a total count of 50.

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Livanto overview

Intensity Rating: 6

Aromatic profile: Medium roasting helps create a well-balanced and rounded espresso with roasted caramel notes.

Cup size: 40 ml

5. Nespresso Volluto Capsules

Volluto is a blend of original lightly roasted South American Arabica and brings out a biscuit and sweet flavors, enhanced by a subtle fruity and an acidity note.

Volluto is a blend of Arabica from Colombia and Brazil, sourced from small plantations that produce high-quality coffee. The coffee is grown in respect for local traditions and the environment.

Light roasting helps retain the fruity and fresh note of the Colombian coffee and the cereal note of the Brazilian Arabica. Volluto brews a 1.35 ounces cup of espresso.

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Volluto overview

Intensity Rating: 4

Aromatic profile: Volluto reveals diverse flavors including fruity notes well-balanced with biscuit and sweet notes.

Cup size: 40 ml

6. Nespresso Capriccio Capsules

Being a blend of Arabica from South American with a dash of Robusta, Nespresso Capriccio reveals a rich aroma with a strong original cereal note.

Capriccio originates from South American Arabica that is grown at high altitudes and Brazilian Arabica and a dash of Robusta.

The South American Arabica brings a light acidity note. The blend is lightly roasted to create a rich character and retain a light acidity.

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Capriccio overview

Intensity Rating: 5

Aromatic profile: Light roasting creates a rich character and retains a light acidity. The blend also delivers original cereal notes.

Cup size: 40 ml

7. Nespresso COSI Capsules

A blend of East African and South American Arabica beans creates a union of fruit and toasted cereal essences.

Cosi originates from East Africa and Central and South American Arabicas. The Cosi is lightly roasted to preserve typical flavor that is enhanced by refreshing citrus flavor.

Cosi is ideal for coffee fans who love a mild, intense drink with a fruity touch. This blend isn’t compatible with VertuoLine machines.

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COSI overview

Intensity Rating: 7

Aromatic profile: lightly toasted and mild cereal notes with fruity notes.

Cup size: 40 ml

3 Best Nespresso Pure Origin Capsules

Nespresso Pure Origin Capsules are chosen from specific regions by coffee experts. Pure Origin Capsules offer coffee fans unique flavor elements from certain parts of the world allowing them to enjoy bold and deep tastes.

They allow you to enjoy smooth, mild and powerful flavors. Pure Origin Capsules are classified into 3 flavors that offer refined, premium tastes.

You will realize that espresso capsules come in 25ml and 45ml packages.

1. Nespresso Dulsao Do Brasil Capsules

Dulsao Do Brasil has an elegantly balanced flavor featuring a smooth and touch of toasted grain in a typical Arabica coffee with red and yellow Bourbon beans from Brazil.

This blend originates from Brazil coffee that is grown in high altitude plantations. The coffee is hand-picked and carefully sun-dried to preserve its fruity and fresh characteristics. Dulsao is lightly roasted to bring out natural sweet flavors.

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Dulsao Do Brasil overview

Intensity Rating: 4

Aromatic profile: Satin, elegant flavor with a touch of toasted grain.

Cup size: 40 ml

2. Nespresso Rosabaya Capsules

This coffee delivers winey and red fruit essences that are achieved by blending Arabica coffee from Colombia. The coffee is sourced from small farmers who are keen on preserving quality through traditional farming.

Nespresso Rosabaya originates from Colombian Arabica beans that are sourced from small growers who are keen on preserving the traditional quality.

The coffee is individually roasted to achieve subtle acidity which is enhanced by winey and red fruit notes.

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Rosabaya overview

Intensity Rating: 6

Aromatic profile: Red fruity and winey tones with contrasting subtle acidity.

Cup size: 40 ml

3. Nespresso Indriya from Inidia Capsules

Indriya is a perfect blend of Arabicas with a dash of South Indian Robusta. This full-bodied espresso has a distinguishable personality with notes of spices.

Indriya is a noble blend of Arabicas with a touch of South Indian Robusta. The Robusta and Arabica used to make this coffee grow in southern India under the shade of huge trees that also offer shelter for spice and pepper growing.

The Robusta grows on high altitude plantations which make it very intense, very pure and slightly bitter. The coffee used to make Indriya pass a thorough selection process.

The Arabica undergo slight roasting to retain its subtle aromas. Contrastingly, the Robusta is well-roasted to bring out its intensity and create a full body. Fine grinding creates the body while enhancing the flavor.

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Indriya overview

Intensity Rating: 10

Aromatic Profile: Distinct personalized with spices notes.

Cup size: 40 ml

3 Best Nespresso Lungo Capsules

Lungo Capsules are “long” coffees that are ideal for making a tall, tastier cup of well roasted and brewed espresso.

A Lungo capsule is intended to make one 110 ml cup. These capsules require more water than espresso capsules. If you want to enjoy a better-tasting latte, you can add Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother.

If you are a novice, it’s good to note that higher intensity flavors are perfect for brewing a rich and full-flavored latte.

1. Nespresso Fortissio Lungo Capsules

Fortissio Lungo is a blend of Indian and Latin America Arabica beans which is split roasted to create a prominent body while preserving a rich coffee flavor with subtle roasted notes.

West Indian Malabar Arabica coffee is exposed to monsoon winds to reveal its unique aromatic profile, with cereal notes. This coffee is blended with Arabica from Latin America to generate a lungo with a pure, intense character.

Monsooned Malabar Arabica beans from Southwest India plus washed Colombian Arabicas bring out intensity, texture, and richness.

Split roasting helps generate a full-body yet preserve a rich coffee flavor, not surpassed by roasted notes.

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Fortissio Lungo overview

Intensity Rating: 8

Aromatic profile: Intensely roasted and bitter, full-bodied blend.

Cup size: 110 ml

2. Nespresso Vivalto Lungo Capsules

Vivalto Lungo combines subtle flavor and roasted essences from a blend of East African and South American Arabica beans.

Vivalto Lungo originates from the unique flavors of East African and South American Arabica beans. The separate roasting creates contrasting characters from the different regions which are desirable for a large cup.

This coffee blend is ideal for coffee fans who want to enjoy a large cup of lovely coffee that isn’t very intense.

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Vivalto Lungo overview

Intensity Rating: 4

Aromatic Profile: Distinct blend of individually roasted flavors enhanced by floral essences.

Cup size: 110 ml

3. Nespresso Linizio Lungo Capsules

Round and Smooth, Linizio Lungo is a well-rounded blend of Arabicas enhancing cereal and malt notes. The coffee is handpicked, treated differently, washed, de-pulped and then sun-dried with their mucilage.

Linizio Lungo originates from Brazil and Colombia Arabica. The coffee is handpicked, carefully de-pulped and dried to preserve the fruit and fresh flavors.

The spilt roasting generates the characteristics of each origin. Contrastingly, longer roasting creates a darker bean that generates the malted cereal touches of the Bourbon beans.

Shorter roasting of the Colombian Arabicas yields lighter beans while highlighting the softer notes.

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Linizio Lungo overview

Intensity Rating: 4

Aromatic profile: cereal. Split roasting the Brazilian and Colombian beans generate distinct flavors from the different regions.

Cup size: 110 ml

Best 2 Nespresso Decaffeinato Capsules

Decaffeinato Capsules are specialized capsules that don’t have caffeine. If you are a coffee fan, you will have e decaffeinated options.

These blends vary in their flavor intensity levels. Decaffeinato Capsules are meant to brew a 40 ml cup.

1. Nespresso Decaffeinato Capsules

The slow roasting of the blend of Arabica from South America with a hint of Robusta delivers a roasted cereal flavor and a smooth, creamy body.

The Decaffeinato Lungo is a chosen blend of fine Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas with a hint of Robusta.

The coffee undergoes slow and sustained roasting to enhance grilled notes. The result is strong roasted notes that deliver a refreshing taste.

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Decaffeinato Lungo overview

Intensity Rating: 3

Aromatic Profile: Smooth, creamy flavor and cereal notes.

Cup size: 110 ml

2. Nespresso Decaffeinato Lungo Capsules

This blend generates the full-bodied aroma of dark roasted Arabica coffee with a touch of Robusta.

Decaffeinato Lungo is a blend of slow-roasted South American Arabicas creates full-bodied roast notes with a hint of grain and chocolate flavor.

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Decaffeinato Intenso overview

Intensity Rating: 7

Aromatic profile: Full-bodied roast with a hint of grain and chocolate flavor

Cup size: 40 ml

Final verdict

Do you love smooth and light or strong and bold coffee? Or do you love a refreshing cup of espresso with a fine frothy layer of milk on top?

Regardless of your individual needs, you will find a favorite flavor from Nespresso espresso capsules. If you are a coffee avid, you may already have a favorite Nespresso flavor.

However, if you are yet to get your dream coffee flavor and aroma, choosing a favorite should be a breeze. Simply select 2 or 3 flavors to test them and determine your best.

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