Best WiFi Coffee Maker In 2020 – A List Of Smart Coffee Maker

A perfect cup of coffee is a great way to start your morning. You may also desire a perfectly brewed cup of your favorite coffee after a long day in the office. But you may have challenges getting out of bed to prepare your coffee.

You may also be tired to brew coffee after the office. Fortunately, with the best WiFi coffee maker, you have the chance to enjoy coffee at your convenience.

Choosing Your favorite Internet Connected Coffee Makers will be simple with these customized reviews. These coffee makers have multiple features that you should check keenly. A good smart coffee maker may be a solution to your brewing needs.

What is Smart Coffee Maker?

The key aspect about Smart Coffee Makers is that they allow you to control your brewing remotely using a smartphone. You can connect the brewer to your smartphone through an app whether you have an iPhone or Android phone.

You can prompt your machine to start brewing, control and even monitor the brewing process remotely. Apart from the remote control, a Smarter Coffee Maker has all the lovely features that you like in other machines.

Some outstanding aspects of the smarter coffee machine include the pre-soak feature, fast heat up and beautiful design.

Why Use Phone Controlled Coffee Maker

There are numerous reasons why you should consider using a smartphone-controlled coffee maker. These reasons range from the convenience of use to its adaptability.

Smart options

  • Wake up to a great cup of coffee through the wake-up mode.
  • Delay the brewing process
  • Monitor the brewing process through brewing notifications
  • Get the notification when the brewing is done

Convenient use each time

  • Removable carafe and water reservoir in some units for the simple cleaning
  • Small footprint allows for portability around the kitchen
  • Disconnect your phone for manual brewing

Excellent brewing technology

  • Fast heat up
  • Pre-soak feature
  • Optimal brewing technology

Best WiFi Coffee Maker Reviews

You definitely want to try different brewing systems in case you are a coffee freak. As you explore various methods, you can also consider trying out different coffee machines.

Wifi coffee makers will give you a great experience if you want to try remote brewing. Here we present the best smart coffee makers on the market today.

These machines perform great and can adapt to different brewing needs.

You can use it in the home kitchen or even take it to the office for a great cup of during breaks.

When you are ready to make a choice, consider the features of each brewer and then proceed to make a choice.

1. Smart Coffee Machine

The Smart Coffee Machine is a revolutionary unit that gives you a better way to kick start your day.

This coffee machine is what you require to enjoy a hot cup of your favorite coffee each morning. At simply the touch of a button, you will keep the machine running.

You can remote brew coffee from anywhere in the home. Whether you are in a kitchen, bedroom or the family area, the smart mobile apps let you control the brewing process.

You can adjust the strength of your coffee and the number of cups you would like to brew with ease.

With this coffee machine, you will brew coffee at your desired time since it has a wake-up mode and welcome home mode.

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Feature Highlight

  • You can activate the home mode feature, and the machine will welcome you home with a fresh hot cup of coffee. 
  • Schedule your coffee machine in sync with your alarm. When you set your desired time, the machine will auto start brewing.
  • Your family members or coffee fans in the house can download the free Smarter app. 4 users can be connected to the machine at a time to schedule the next cycle or monitor the brewing.
  • A small footprint and smooth finish make this coffee machine a great addition to your kitchen.

2. Nespresso Milk Espresso Maker

The Nespresso Prodigio brings coffee-making to your fingertips plus an integrated Aeroccino milk frother. Your phone just got another function! It can help you make a perfect cup of coffee with the press of a button.

The Bluetooth smart technology connects to your smartphone allowing you to control various aspects of the brewing process. You can schedule a brewing time, manage the capsule stock, and brew remotely.

You will even get the machine assistance alerts and easily register your unit into the Nespresso Club using the phone app. 

The integrated Aeroccino allows you to make awesome creamy milk froth. So you can enjoy all milk-based beverages in the comfort of your home.

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Feature Highlight

  • High-pressure pump an ideal heat control system. 
  • This Nespresso coffee maker achieves the perfect brewing temperature in just 25 seconds.
  • Intelligent automatic brewing process.
  • Brews up to 3 coffee sizes.
  • Allows you to schedule a brewing time, manage your capsule stock and brew remotely.

3. Behmor Smart Coffee Maker

With the Behmor Connected Coffee Maker, you will bring out a coffee’s real flavors through brew settings not possible on other coffee makers.

A lovely aspect is that you will control the brewing process through a mobile phone app. You can save brew settings for fast brewing next time.

The Behmor app enables you to adjust the brewing temp, pre-soak time seamlessly or you can even select a brew profile for instant brewing.

The app constantly notifies you on the brewing progress and texts you when the coffee is ready to drink.

An intuitive button on the front side of the brewer allows you to brew without using the phone app based on your desired brewing profile.

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Feature highlight

  • This coffee machine allows you to set brewing temp from 190-201F. The ideal temperature is 197-205F.
  • It allows you to set a pre-soak time from 15 sec up to 4 min.
  • The free App is available or iOS and Android. It connects to your wifi network and has easy to use screens. You will enjoy barista level coffee at the comfort of your home.
  • You can heat the water and delay the brewing process.
  • The carafe holds up to 8 5-ounce cups per brew cycle.

4. Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi Coffee Maker

When you have a fixed schedule, you may not have enough time to brew a perfect cup of coffee. In such an instance, the Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled will come in handy.

This app-controlled coffee maker allows you to brew a cup from anywhere including your car, and even from the bed.

You can have a hot better-tasting cup of coffee whenever you require it. Simply connect your smartphone and enjoy brewing from anywhere.

The fast brewing technology ensures you enjoy a quality cup of coffee in less than 7 minutes.

The water reaches optimum temperature fast which ensures quality extraction. The carafe even keeps your coffee hot for several hours before you pour.

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Feature highlight

  • The brew basket is removable from the side which allows you to add ground and filter easily. You can also remove it for quick cleaning.
  • The water reservoir allows for the convenience of filling with no spills and no mess.
  • You can use this coffee maker with the app or control directly from the machine.

Final Verdict

With a wifi coffee maker, you can wake up to a hot cup of coffee, brewed coffee remotely, receive instant notifications when the brewing is done on your phone and more.

These coffee makers are great since you can even decide to brew manually without using the smartphone app.

Since most of the wifi coffee makers have similar controllability through a mobile app, you have to consider other features to get the best wifi coffee maker.

Other features to check to include ease of use, cleaning, and adaptability to different brewing needs.

Hopefully, this Internet Connected Smart coffee maker review was helpful and can help you choose an excellent machine to suit your needs.

If you are not sure, you can revisit the reviews and recheck the features of the different units before making a choice.

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