Is Coffee Bad For Kids?

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant substance. Many concerns about whether teens and kids should drink coffee revolve around the caffeine level. You should note that too much caffeine is not safe for kids and even adults. Due to this reason, parents tend to bar their children from taking coffee.

However, a good starting the point is to define the amount of caffeine that is regarded as too much. Next, we should question if kids and teens benefit from drinking coffee. But first, you should note that coffee does not stunt children’s growth.

According to Mayo Clinic, adults should not consume above 200 to 300 mg of caffeine in a day. But the United States does not recommend the maximum daily intake of caffeine for kids. The Health Canada suggests no more than 45 mg of caffeine per day for kids aged between 4 and 6.

For those aged between 7 and 9 years, it recommends no more than 62.5 mg and no more than 2.2 pounds of caffeine for kids aged 10 to 12. These statistics suggest that high amount of coffee may harm children and that responsible coffee drinking is recommended.

Parent’s who cite coffee as a source of obesity due to high-calorie level, fail to consider other foods and snacks that are packed with high amounts of sugar, fat, and calories. Milkshakes and chocolate cremes have high levels of these components that result in overweight. But, parents should also think of coffee as a possible addition to the cause of obesity.

After these arguments, you may be wondering whether coffee is bad for your kid. There are general side effects that arise in people who consume large amounts of coffee for prolonged periods. Other side effects may occur shortly after drinking the coffee.

Enthusiast coffee drinkers may cite some issues such as hyperactivity, nervousness, insomnia, irritability, nausea, anxiety and headaches. Despite these side effects that cut across coffee drinkers there are numerous advantages of drinking coffee such as aiding in weight loss and preventing some diseases.

What Are The Benefits Of Coffee In Children?

Coffee can help kids stay awake. Children tend to have busy schedules such as engaging in sports, getting involved in social activities plus their schoolwork. These aspects hinder them from getting enough refreshing sleep. The Sleep Foundation notes that only 15% of children get enough sleep. Teens can drink coffee occasionally to help them stay awake in school. But they should not develop the habit of drinking coffee often.

Coffee can help teens enjoy their social lives. Coffee is associated with social activities such as visiting coffee shops and sharing a cup with friends. Teens can socialize with their peers when having coffee at coffee shops. Parents should censor their kids and monitor the coffee drinking habit since coffee-based drinks contain high sugar, fat, and calories.

Teens and kids can get health benefits from drinking coffee. Coffee is linked to health benefits such as protection against type-2 diabetes liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Some studies also link coffee to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Thus, the kid can experience positive benefits from that single cup of coffee.

Disadvantages Of Coffee In Kids And Teens

Coffee has general disadvantages to all drinkers, but it may impact children differently.

Coffee can stain children’s teeth. You will realize that the teeth of children are a more risk of being stain by coffee than adult teeth. The rationale for this fact is that children teeth are still tender and not as strong as adult teeth.

The sugar in the coffee can result in cavities. Teens and kids are the risks of developing cavities due to the high level of sugar in coffee.

Coffee can result in dependency. Teens who drink large amounts of coffee may be physical withdrawal if they stop drinking coffee at once.

So, Should Your Children Drink Coffee?

You should moderate the coffee that your child drinks. Remember that other drinks such as chocolate, tea, and sodas also have caffeine. Thus, if you forbid your kid from consuming coffee, they will still consume caffeine through other soft drinks. You should train your kid to drink coffee responsibly to help them stay happy and healthy. Forbid your kid from taking coffee before they sleep since it can impact their sleep negatively.

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